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Electrical Work Done with Care.
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Kelteck Electrical~ Quality Electricians.

Kelteck Electrical Ltd is a full service electrical contracting company dedicated to customer service, safety and craftsmanship; delivering the technical expertise required for modern, efficient and cost effective electrical solutions.

Our team members bring years of experience in high end residential home construction, major commercial and data projects, institutional and industrial construction and maintenance. Kelteck creates lasting partnerships based on technical expertise and safe, efficient delivery of professional services.

Electrical installations can be simple, intuitive and functional but they can also be messy, difficult to use and very dangerous. We provide our clients with clean, professional installs which instill assuredness that the job has been done right and meets all codes, regulations and safety standards.

Full Service Electical Contracting

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From new construction and the latest in home automation and lighting control, renovations, service and panel upgrades, to safety upgrades and house inspections; we offer a complete line of residential electrical services.


From conduit work, LED lighting upgrades, fluorescents, steel stud construction, data and communication systems, to comprehensive maintenance programs; we can meet the needs of your business.


From motor control, cable tray systems, heat trace, variable frequency drives, transformer oil sampling and troubleshooting services, to DeltaV DCS process measurement and control; we keep the wheels turning.


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