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Electrical Flood Repair

flooded electrical panel

If the basement or house is flooded do not enter unless you are sure the power is disconnected. This is best done by the utility company removing the meter from its socket to eliminate any power inside the house. You can also ensure that the main breaker on your electrical panel is tripped or in the OFF position. Even if the power is off in your area, without a complete disconnection, there still a chance of back feeding from someone’s generator energizing conductors and possibly water in your home. The only safe way is to completely disconnect any possible sources of electrical power.

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Do not enter if you are unsure, water conducts electricity and so will wet floor boards or carpets if they are in contact with a live power source.

Once the building is pumped out a certified electrician will need to assess the condition of the wiring in your home. Most electrical equipment is not rated to be submerged and will need to be replaced.

flood damage water tank

Appliances that have been submerged can be risky to use after for, among other reasons, the wiring and electrical components have been damaged. Cables are not rated for submersion, and especially if water enters the end of the cable through an outlet box, will have conductive water inside the insulation leading to problems and risks.

Outlet boxes, appliances, and equipment such as plugs, switches and lights that have been submerged will have metal parts rust which weakens the electrical contacts. This presents risks from both current carrying conductors and those used for grounding.

The grounding system is responsible for the protective qualities of your home’s electrical system. Without grounding and bonding breakers do not trip to protect you, you get shocked from the induced charge carried on metal fixtures that are ungrounded, arcs that cause fires are not detected and stopped. Rust on grounding terminals weakens the electrical connection and can create risk of shock and fire.

If your power has been disconnected by the utility, a Qualified Electrical Field Safety Representative, such as you will find at Kelteck Electrical, may make a declaration to BC Hydro to restore power if they are satisfied that all hazards have been controlled or eliminated.

To certify that your house is safe to re-energize the electrician must test all circuits’ electrical insulation by meggering to ground. Plug in loads must be verified to be disconnected by the electrician prior to energizing but are the responsibility of the homeowner to have checked. Wired loads and fixtures such as heaters, receptacles and lights must be replaced by the electrician. Electrical connections or splices must be broken, cleaned and dried, and remade. Panels that pass testing may be re-used but breakers that are wetted must be replaced.

If your home or other electrical equipment has experienced flooding contact us immediatly to ensure that it is safe to use, or to replace damaged items.

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