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Commercial - New Construction - Renovation - Maintenance

Commercial Electrical

Work within existing building infrastructure to customize an installation to your needs. Conduit for power wiring, data, security and fire alarm. Building lighting: LED, fluorescent, high bay and outdoor service. We offer installation, renovation and maintenance services. Maintain your electrical systems to ensure no downtime, keep lighting systems functioning at their best, maintenance and testing of emergency lighting systems is mandatory and critical for safety.


  • Flourescent Light: repair, replace, upgrade ballast to newer more energy efficient, change to LED
  • Replace fluorescent with LED: Mercury free - safe for environment, dimmable, directional lighting, work with controls such as occupancy or motion sensors without reducing lifespan, 30% more efficient that traditional T8 lamps, light quality - variety of color temperatures and no flickering, increased lifespan of lamp, shatterproof options, options to bypass or remove ballast - which waste electricity by creating heat and have to be replaced periodically
  • LED Systems
  • 347 V lighting systems with low voltage control
  • 120/240 volt and 347/600 volt circuits
  • Relay panels


  • Rigid / EMT / PVC
  • Pipe work for exposed ceilings
  • Conduit for power, lighting, security, emergency / exit lights, fire alarm
  • Cable tray installation and grounding

Cable Tray

  • Structured data cabling
  • Server room setup
  • Data patch panels
  • Cat 5/5e/6 shielded or unshielded


  • Structured data cabling
  • Server Room setup
  • Data patch panels
  • Cat 5/5e/6 shielded or unshielded


  • Reactive: When things break we fix them
  • Mandatory/Regulatory: Regular Testing of Smoke detectors, emergency lights, exit signs, GFCI receptacles and breakers. Emergency lighting and exit signs are required by the Canadian electrical code and the National Building Code of Canada to be tested every month and annually. The time to find out that your emergency lighting does not work is before you need it to evacuate a building.
  • Preventative: To prevent unwanted power interruptions or unplanned failure of equipment implement a preventative maintenance program. Kelteck will assist in development of a program: lighting checks, breaker panels, motors, furnaces or HVAC units

Construction / Renovation

  • Temporary construction power and lighting
  • Steel stud walls, concrete or steel ceilings
  • Re-routing power to keep the rest of the building going during construction

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