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Community & Strata

Community Strata Gate

All electrical systems require maintenance. Let us help keep yours running properly to ensure your privacy and safety. The best electrical installation is the one you don’t notice because it fits seamlessly into your life. We can make things work the way you want them to.

Strata Services

  • Community Perimeter Lighting; setup a maintenance schedule to ensure all lighting is functioning correctly for increased security
  • Gate maintenance, check motor, lubricate moving parts, and verify function of vehicle sensors
  • Intercom / Camera

Boat Docks

  • Wet locations wiring. Power for lifts, lighting

Water Pumps

  • Pump house wiring: new install or maintenance and rejuvenation of older systems. If there is corrosion on electrical system components we can replace with equipment for damp locations.
  • Damp locations: Many installations are done with metallic tubing and metal boxes that corrode. Replace with a PVC system and proper switch and plug covers that keep moisture out.
  • Pump control panels: Used to control your water pumps, chlorinators, and reservoir levels. If your panel is a mess of components that no one can understand we will clean it up, make a basic wiring diagram, and label the components so that troubleshooting is easier next time.
  • Community water systems: New installation or work on older systems. Clean up corroded installations or straighten out messy control panels, ensure circuits are properly protected against ground faults. Set up a maintenance program to check components, ensure breakers are working properly, check lights and heaters, make sure heat tape will function during the winter.
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