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Residential - New Construction & Renovation

Residential Electrical

Renovation or new construction, have your electrical installation do what you want. Set up your lighting and switching to get the look and feel you are after; better task lighting for work or control the mood with dimmable ambient lighting. Upgrade your installation to increase capacity for new appliances or a hot tub, update to new code standards or modernize your lighting for a new look and better efficiency. Home inspections for insurance, pre-purchase and safety..

Service and Panel

  • Overhead or Underground Service
  • Panel Installation
  • Meter Base Installation
  • Telus / Shaw service conduit and cable box
  • Service and panel upgrades
  • Sub panel in garage, shop, and basement
  • Load calculations

Base Electrical

  • House wiring: new or old
  • Appliances: Range, washer, dryer, hot water, hot tub
  • Lighting: pot lights, pendants, under cabinet, toe kick, mood, task, accent, ambient
  • Arc Fault or Ground Fault protection to new code standards
  • Heating / cooling: HRV, furnace, A/C, baseboards, In-floor heat


  • Lighting Design and layout
  • LED retrofit / upgrade
  • Dimmers
  • Outside / security lights
  • Timers: automatically turn on and off lights when you are away to give the impression that someone is home or just turn lights on and off at set times on set days so you don’t have to
  • Smart lighting: control from anywhere
  • Fans

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Energy Saving

  • fans: circulate air in a room to create uniform temperature, push warm air down in winter, create cooling breeze in summer
  • programmable thermostats: automatically drop temperature at night or during day to use furnace less
  • occupancy sensors: automatically turn lights out when room is unoccupied
  • lighting updates: LED retrofits, task lighting, under cabinet lights
  • Power bars on electronics: even when turned off electronics use power, install power bar with off switch to turn off all electronics, also power bar with surge arrestor, advanced power strips automatically shut off power supply to avoid 'Vampire Load'
  • Home automation: control heating / cooling, lights, shutters all from your phone or device to make adjustments from anywhere.

Low Voltage / Audio Visual / Automation

  • Data / Telephone / Internet / Cable
  • Initial Design and Engineering
  • Home Audio / Theater / Automation
  • Speaker and sound systems
  • Pre wiring for security systems
  • Network Panels: The heart of a home's communication network. Contains your Cable or DSL modem, wifi router, internet switch, phone and TV splitters. From the Network Panel, or Structured Media Panel, cables go to all parts of the house. Everything is neatly contained, you have the most flexibility to change service provider, have wired or wireless internet anywhere in the house, have a TV with a PVR box anywhere, go with different types of TVs or gaming systems.


  • Smoke/CO2 detectors
  • AFCI Arc Fault/ GFCI Ground Fault protection
  • Code deficiencies and correction
  • Troubleshoot circuit or outlets that do not work or outlets that work intermittently. Do not leave these issues without looking into them; wires that have come off or are broken can cause arcing and lead to fires. If the electrical system is not working properly get us to find out why to avoid major damage or possible injury
  • Remove aluminum wiring

Electrical Inspections

  • For Safety
  • For Insurance
  • For energy savings
  • Pre-purchase

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